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Pagechanger is product from
Shine Design. We create beautiful, useful, visible websites.

Can I change my website myself?

Yes! Pagechanger is a new and easy way to edit your web pages without learning new software. Pagechanger simply makes the page itself editable. When you've finished, click the big red 'Save' button.

To see just how easy it is, try one of the demos in the grey box above.

How do I edit my website myself?

Easy! Just send us your details. We'll back up your files, install the software and have you up and running in no time!

To start editing, click the tiny golden star at the bottom of the page and log in. The page is now editable! When you're done, click 'Save'.

Why would I want to edit my web page myself?

Until now, editing a website can be a technical job, requiring specialist software and settings. So people ask their website designer to do it for them. They send instructions and then wait. Editing your website yourself can be really quick, easy and rewarding!

What if I make a mistake?

Pagechanger saves the last 15 copies of every web page, just in case!

How can I get more business from Google?

Google reads your website to find what it's about. Google also respects how often you update your site. So if you include more of the words your customers are searching for, you are more likely to get found.

Can I change pictures?

Very soon! This feature is currently in testing and will be released shortly.

Pagechanger puts you in the driving seat of your website, giving you instant control over content. A chore becomes a satisfying job well done! Drop us a line to find out more!

What is Shine Design?

Shine has been creating websites since the turn of the century! We'd like to see your business flourish.

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